9th Grade

Welcome to Web and Print
Please take the following tutorials (you will need ear-buds for some videos) and produce your own artwork. You can choose to only do one software, a few, or do them all.   YOUR CHOICE!  Read the following 3 steps:

1. Make sure you are saving your work to your student drive or a Google Drive
Go To File> Save As > MY PC> Look for your school ID drive
(if you can’t find it, try a google drive if you have one)

2. Most Importantly: Be sure to ASK ASK ASK questions!! Raise your hand and I will  be right over! – Mrs. Zack

3. Mrs. Zack has her own YouTube Channel with demos of how to use the software. Feel free to use any videos from here instead of the ones provided below:
Mrs. Zack’s YoutTube Channel

You may print one of your best designs for our wall. you are graded on the efforts and the use of your time while in the classroom.

Photo Modifications with :  PHOTOSHOP

Do you know how to get images off the web? If not, watch this first

Proceed to Open Photoshop from the Start Menu.
Go to File>Open and browse for your images to open them.

Combine Two Photos in Photoshop

Remove Blemishes

Change Eye Color

Gradients and color changes

Adding Text to a Photo


Animation with: FireAlpaca

Watch 1st

Watch 2nd

Animation with:  ADOBE ANIMATE

Beginners start here

Create a monster animation


Graphic Art with:  ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR

Beginners start here

Make an apple

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