9th Grade

1Welcome to Web and Print
Please take the following tutorials (you will need ear-buds) and produce your own artwork. You can choose to only do one software, a few, or do them all.

Make sure you are saving your work to your personal drive.
Go To File> Save As > MY PC> Look for your school ID drive

Most Importantly: Be sure to ASK ASK ASK questions!! Raise your hand and I will  be right over! – Mrs. Zack



Do you know how to get images off the web? If not, watch this first

Proceed to Open Photoshop from the Start Menu.
Go to File>Open and browse for your images to open them.

Combine Two Photos in Photoshop

Remove Blemishes

Change Eye Color

Gradients and color changes

Adding Text to a Photo



Beginners start here

Create a monster animation



Beginners start here

Make an apple

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