Order Request

Due to the large number of design requests from staff via email, projects are becoming overwhelming, getting lost,  or hidden in the email inbox. Please fill out this form if you are in need of design from a student, which will go into a database for us.

Please understand that students will not be removed from current curriculum or learning for design requests and that they may not always be available to make your due date.

Students will have to complete both curriculum and design request so that their learning can still be checked. Many students are overwhelmed with taking on a double work load and are not able to take on additional staff requests. If a student completes all curriculum work, they will be allowed to take on the next available request from the database.

All projects will need to a paid project (transfer of funds) to Web and Print based on a flat fee specified by the teacher.

To avoid any misunderstandings as to the completed service, please read the following terms:

1. This school, students or instructor assumes no liability for any loss of business, supplies, materials or damages.
2. For T-Shirt Orders:  Supplies/T-shirts may not arrive from our vendor in the desired time frame, which could prevent making an estimated deadline.
3. All reasonable precautions and time management will be taken to prevent any loss of damage, but no claim will be accepted against the school, student or instructor. In the event of damage, the student will attempt to fix the design project/T-shirt to the best of their ability, but not to exceed such students’ knowledge or ability under instruction.
4. The client assumes full responsibility in final proofing, therefore the student will not be held responsible for grammatical errors, typos, layout, image or web issues after final approved project has been received by the client.
5. All projects will be paid to the Web and Print program based on a fixed rate agreed upon with the instructor. An invoice will be provided.
6. Printing for design files will not take place in the classroom. The client must receive proofs and final design file via email.
7.For T-Shirt Orders: T-Shirt printing may not always be straight, exact or have the spatial positioning desired when the order was placed, since students are still in the learning process. Refunds will not be given.
8. Due dates are only estimates and can change for various reasons due to student attendance and academic workload. Projects can be canceled at any time.
9. If a student begins a project or design, then gets a co-op job, that project may be canceled if another student is not able to take over.
10. If you are not hearing from your student worker within 3 days after your last response, please email the student and copy the teacher jackie.czachorowski@nccvt.k12.de.us

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